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Cape Town, ZA
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    Dress Forever New
    Already arrive the looks of colorful fabrics and varied tones, which form an interesting mixture full of elegance. These styles are ideal for you to achieve that image of professional and elegant girl, without losing the originality and comfort that are making the current wardrobe of girls, works of art worth imitating!

    Exoticism has long been the main feature of the outfits that take to the streets, giving women the opportunity to show off their best appearance, always identified with the style they choose and adore, the one with whom they simply feel , perfect!

    Here we show you a very original style, from the hands of FOREVER NEW, splendid to adorn the summer nights and with all the originality that this season asks for.

    A perfect garment to enhance your figure with all the elegance and at the same time adds a touch of casualness that makes it extremely versatile.

    Transparencies, prints and openings make this verstido summery, that garment that you were looking for a special look!
    Forever  New  - An elegant night! - Dress Forever New
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    Cape Forever New
    The ponchos and the layers of women, whether wool, crochet or crochet, have become an obsession, and fashion and celebrity firms have succumbed to them.

    Originally used by the Andean people as a layer to protect themselves from the cold and rain, the poncho disappeared to a great extent until 2002, when designers like Dolce & Gabbana elevated them on the catwalk.

    In recent years, along with kimonos, the trend has spread like wildfire in the world of fashion, becoming a real obsession.

    We will see that many of them mix with the layers in their form and sometimes they do it so much that we do not know if it is one or another garment. However, the truth is that we are worth the same: they are incredible pieces, and are already influencing one or the other trends.

    Long, short, crocheted or crocheted, with ethnic details such as pompoms and fringes, or more sober and elegant ... ponchos, are perfect garments for the seasons of autumn and winter.
    Forever  New  - Poncho with style - Cape Forever  New